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SAGE Testing: Related Links

over 4 years ago

  • SAGE assessments 
    SAGE Assessments

    SAGE is a unique-to-Utah system of assessments designed to support and measure success and growth.

    The SAGE system includes:

    Summative end-of-year tests that are used in state and federal accountability systems (required) Interim fall and winter tests that inform instruction and monitor student progress (optional) Formative teacher tools and instructional supports that provide resources for daily instruction (optional)

  • Assessment Schedule for Utah Public School Students 
    Schedule of tests that are mandated by federal law

  • SAGE Training Tests 
    The purpose of the Utah SAGE Training Tests is to familiarize students and teachers with the design, format, and procedures for answering different types of items that will be included in the SAGE Summative assessments. Every school should also use these tests to certify that their local technology configuration can deliver SAGE Summative tests. Administering the training tests via the secure browser allows schools to determine whether their network and hardware can successfully administer live operational tests this spring.

    Good website to keep you informed of the SAGE facts, parent reviews, what teachers are saying about the SAGE test, etc.

  • Parent Review 
    Parent Review and how it was compiled.

  • Video What Teachers are saying
  • Item Writing Process 
    Standard Creation/Adoption Whenever new educational standards are created or adopted a new assessment aligned to those new standards must be created to measure students’ understanding of the new standards.

  • Updates to SAGE Writing 
    In order to reduce the amount of testing time changes were made in the areas of the writing assessment.

  • Parent Brochure
  • Legislation/Board Rule 
    Laws and duties of the state board of education

  • Utah Administrative Code 
    Utah rules and regulations

  • Difference between Assessments SAGE & CRT 
    This site allows you to compare the differences between the new SAGE assessment with the old CRT assessment

  • USOE State Longitudinal Data System
  • Data Gateway 
    How Is Utah Doing? The Public School Data Gateway displays information about Utah’s public education system at the state and school levels

  • Common Assessment Acronyms in USOE Assessment 
    Commonly Used Acronyms in USOE Assessment